Its been many years of visits to the Strain Family Horse Farm. I met father Bill long ago – he was a very intelligent man. He had the ability to pick a good horse. He ran his business with honesty and integrity. He passed all these qualities to his sons David and Bill.

They always offer clients a large significant amount of horses to choose from. Also their return policy is like none other. They always manage to make a perfect recipe for success.

When you decide to make a lifestyle choice and bring a horse into your life your needs will be met at Strains. I have done this many times and still have horses way into their twenties.

I have an on going joke with Mrs. Strain. She never called me by name – she called me the lady who loves big brown horses, she is a wonderful person also.

So if you want to be treated like family this is the place for you! David and Bill Strain were inspired by their father and they continue to grow.

– Ann Avery

I've bought four horses over the years from Strain family farm I absolutely love the people there and the way they do their business and their guarantees on their horses , really wonderful people , and a great variety of Horses to pick from......
Just a wonderful experience when looking for a good horse!!

– Cohne E. Goodwin

I have bought many horses from Strains. They stand behind what they sell, and take back to exchange for another one for whatever your reason is. Their exchange policy is the reason I am a repeat customer. You don't get an exchange policy with private owner sales, and then you are stuck with your purchase if the horse didn't pan out to be what you were told. I have 2 in my barn now that both came from Strains, and my next horse will come from there as well. It is worth going there.

– Lisa Ostergren Abrahamson

I bought a horse from strains for my girlfriend a month ago and we have had the greatest luck with him, she loves him and he gets along with her other 4 horses seamlessly! Afraid of nothing so quite on the trail. Thank you so much strain family and employees, for getting us such a well put together animal. Great doing business with you, thanks again!!!!

– Christian Schmid

I have purchased several horses from the Strain Family, including my current horse Justus who is worth his weight in gold. He may not be a perfect horse, but he is absolutely perfect for me! I feel blessed to have him. Thank you!

– Hope Lynne Graves

Bought my daughter a pony and he was everything they said he was!!! Safe, quiet and a total babysitter. What a caring bunch of people, and some really amazingly beautiful, well cared for horses. All their horses come with an 3 exchange guarantee and they really stand behind their animals. Honest, caring and straight forward. I like it!

– Kendra Nicolls

Loved the gelding I got from them. Super horse, very patient, atheltic, easy ride. Will def. be doing business w them in the future

– Jessica Steiner

Took home a 5 year old solid paint 2 weeks ago. Quiet and bold on the trail.. Willing to learn western horsemanship in the arena. Heading to Craig Cameron's horsemanship course in Sept. thanks Bill and Dave.

– Richard Simon

My daughter loves the horse we purchased from you. He has a sweet personality , loves people and is fun to ride. Only negative so far is that he can unlatch his stall whenever it is not locked with an extra clamp lock. We should call him Houdini. Thank you and please call me if you get another horse like him in.

– Dolores Mordas

Wakonda Farm would like to thank The Strain Family Horse Farm for being a part of our lives for three generations of horse women.  From the first time, 30 years ago, we made the call to your farm, our good friend Bill Sr. said those mighty words "I have just the horse for you".

Thank you Strain Family, for being there, traveling the states and bringing to our area, horses of all origins.

Ride high Mr. Bill Strain, our gratitude will always be with you and yours.

Again thank you (my favorite cowboy, Bill Sr. RIP) for instilling in your sons Bill Jr. and David, the meaning of "just the horse for you".

-Lucy, Kim and Jessie

When my family first got involved with Horse ownership we purchased from Bill Strain Family Horse Farm...feeling very vunerable at the time, they brought us through the process very professionally.  They were very patient with the situation as it took a couple of tries to find the "right horse" for us.  We boarded at their facility until we had the skills and confidence to bring our horse home.  Many years later, here we are still grateful for the leadership they provided.  A truly great experience.

-Mitch Murray

A special thank you to Bill Strain for my incredible new horse "Zephyr". He is amazing and just what I needed. I can't believe you found him for me. We thank you and Dave and everyone at Strain Family Horse Farm for all the great horses we've bought from you over the years.  Some we still have and some have found new homes and their own person to love them.  It is a pleasure doing business with you, we respect your love of horses and commitment to your clients.  You always make the process easy and fun.  We highly recommend you to anyone looking for that special horse!

- Lisa and Roger Passavant

I finally want to say in a FB post how pleased we were with our experience with the Strain Family Horse Farm.  They found just the right little mare for us.  We love her and can't wait for Spring! Horray!

- Sharon Slate


I purchased a horse from Strain Family Horse Farm about 6 weeks ago. A very handsome palomino registered QH that we named Duke.  I want to thank David Strain for all his help in choosing the right horse and supporting us with any answers to questions we had. Duke is turning out to be a pleasure to our family, and we will be back to get another horse in the future. The Strain Family is a very professional and honest family to do business with. Thanks again.

- Brenda Gillepsie

Wishing you all a great Holiday Season, love my two horses from you all.  My granddaughter rides them and that is why I was so picky. They are ridden by my 8 and 4 year old grandkids.  Great horses, Tank and DaisyMae have many trail rides to go still!

- Shirley Renaud

We bought my husband's horse Merlin from the Strain Family Horse Farm in July 2018. We were looking for a well-broke, beginner-safe horse, and were shown several that met our qualifications. A year later, and we are thrilled with the Paint we named Merlin. The price was reasonable for what we were asking for, and the whole process was very smooth. We would definitely come back if we were looking again.

  • Pam Duffy Kazlauskas
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